Degen team will develop a sports betting marketplace where users can buy and sell sports picks and cards. Sports consultants and VIP pick providers will now be able to sell their picks in a decentralized environment with our sports betting marketplace. The DGN token will be used as a form of payment method in various crypto betting and casino sites. Users Wagering with DGN coin will receive a 10% cashback on all their losses lifetime. Bankrolls will be supplied to sports books and casinos to ensure the 10% cashback is available to all DGN users. This is a special Pre-Uniswap Offering and the cap is 10 Million tokens.


Total Supply: 25 Million DGN
Circulating supply: 4 Million DGN
Token Burn: 10 million planned starting August 1 through August 10
Liquidity add on uniswap launch: 50 ETH 160,000 DGN (locked)
Team Wallets: 1 million DGN
Sportsbook and Casinos Bankrolls: 3.5 million DGN locked
Marketing, Promos and Bounties: 500K DGN 8%
Time Locked: 5 Million DGN (dispersed over 10 years, 250K DGN every 6 months)
Will be used towards development or to supplement addition bankrolls.


Total supply of Degen token is 25 million DGN.

The circulating supply of DGN is 4 DGN million.

50 ETH / 160K DGN locked.

Yes, Liquidity wil be locked and the pool will be used as a cashier system for Degen buy and sells.

We already have 1 established partner, and they will will be listing DGN right after the Uniswap Pool is live. Name will be revealed before Uniswap Listing.

Earn 10% cashback on all losses lifetime.

No there is no staking on rewards, betting is the only way to go.

Due to regulations in our country, and the scope of the project is gambling.

Development for marketplace has already commenced, the marketplace will be launched in September 2020.


Starting Q1 2021 We plan to develop new gaming DAPPs.

The tokens will be distributed on the same day our UNISWAP pool goes live and the contract address will be shared in #announcements channel.

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